While not a conventional weapon that will shoot or stab the enemy. It is still a sort of wea

Hades Helm

Hades' Cap of Invisibility. Also known as the Helm of Invisibility or the Helm of Darkness.

The cap of invisibilty, makes the wearer of course invisible. People who have worn this before are Athena, the messenger god Hermes and the hero Perseus.

The Bibliotheca gives hints that the Cap of Invisibility was created by the Uranian Cyclopes, who gave Zeus the thunderbolt, gave Poseidon the trident and of course Hades the Cap of Invisibility.

Here are some of the gods that wore the Cap of Invinsibility and what they used it for.


Athena the goddess of wisdom, battle and handcraft, wore the Cap of Invisibility during the Trojan War to aid Diomedes.


The messenger god Hermes used the cap in his fight with the giant named Hippolytos.


In some stories Athena gave Perseus the Cap of Invisibility while on his quest to slay the Gorgon Medusa.

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