This sculpture shows Posiedon holding his powerful trident

Posiedon, the Greek god of the sea, owned an almighty Trident, which symbolised the ocean. He carried it with him at all times, and it was like a brother to him. The Trident had many powers, which included the ability to make earthquakes and create animals. He used it to smash rocks and create waterholes for poor villages in Greece. Sometimes, when Posiedon got very angry, (which was quite often!) he smashed the trident hard against the ground, causing small earthquakes to begin. When he was happy, the seas remained calm, which was a good sign to sailors & fisherman. His trident was given to him by the Cyclops, whom at the same time gave Zeus the power of using lightning, and Hades his special helmet. The trident is clearly a brilliant weapon of Greek mythology and of Posiedon.

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